Family Mini Mat “The Tourma Mat”

Bio Waves

Bioheal’s “Family mini mat” the tourma mat is very innovative Thermal Therapy equipment that uses Tourma (a patented composite material). Tourma is proven and certified to increase metabolism, revitalize energy, naturally relieve pain and deflect harmful radiations. And Silver is well known for its Germ killing capability. Tourma’s unique combination of 19 highly therapeutic elements gives insurmountable benefits to the body by producing 98.6% far infrared and balancing the life-force energy.

Family mini mat is one of the innovative products of Bioheal made by our talented R&D team after understanding the requirements of Human Body and its metabolic systems. If we will divide our body into three parts where FAMILY MINI MAT is purposely designed to take therapy, we will easily notice that all our important organs are taken care of.

We can divide our body as follows:

  • From Head to Chest
  • From Chest to Naval
  • From Naval to Geneticals

FAMILY MINI MAT is ergonomically designed to exert maximum healing effect of TOURMA and its life nourishing F.I.R. rays to our important body parts where all major metabolic activity takes place. We have seen/felt the healing power of Tourma and also one small Tourma Ceramic can do miracles; Moreover, we need more emphasized approach of treating ourselves. So, now Bioheal presents therapeutic equipment with more then 240 Tourma circle shaped for your benefit. In Eastern Mythology circle shapes are sign of good energy and power, also this shape is meant for maximum F.I.R. exposure to the body. Family mini mat has shown positive results in curing and treating all malfunctions related to Respiratory System, Digestive System, Blood Circulatory System and Nervous System.

Family mini mat has on more unique feature i.e. it give our body the benefit of Negative Ions. As every action in our body is a chemical reaction and our immunity also depends on how fast our body recognizes the problem or any foreign matter in our body. Negative ions promote the reaction time of our body to be accurate and short increasing our overall performance. This is a product the world is crazy for as its therapeutic benefits and portability is unmatched.

FAMILY MINI MAT treats the root cause of the problem and ensures the fast, rapid and permanent Healing of the diseases. It removes fats from the body, lowers the cholesterol level also stabilizes the salt content of the blood. It enables the detoxification of the body cells leaving behind a healthy and stress free human body.

FAMILY MINI MAT is very convenient to use, as it is operated by a simple remote with specific control regulators and buttons. The regulator is used to put the equipment on and control the temperature according to the requirement of the user. There is one more button to set the negative ions flow into your body as per the requirement of the user. The power consumption is as low as 100W per hour and is specially modified according to the Indian Electrical Conditions so that we can use it with no requirement of After Sales Service.

We are prone germs and microbial attack in Humid Climate and Family mini mat is a complete package to save us from these hazards. As this product was previously launched when world was carving from the effect of SWINE FLU, we are feeling very proud to bring it into light that none of our family members (including employees and Customers) across the continents were detect positive. This time also we have pledged to keep INDIA safe from these hazards and we present FAMILY MINI MAT a miraculous therapy product from the house of BIOHEAL, thanks to our R&D team in Korea whose noble efforts have blessed us with this Super Healing Product.

Benefits of using FAMILY MINI MAT

Increases blood circulation and body resistant
Continuous use of FAMILY MINI MAT mat will reduce blood viscosity, improve numbness of the hands, legs, waist and shoulder, regulate blood pressure and prevent blood clotting. Increase of negative ion in the body will increase White Blood Cell count to enhance body resistance and to improve immune system. The heating of the mat is in random motion enabling it to heat in a particular area on the Family mini mat and is according to the Blood Circulation which promotes the blood circulation.

Activates the Water Molecules in the Body
Tourma in the FAMILY MINI MAT mat produces 98% far infrared when heated which generates the activation of water molecules in our bodies. This action improves the oxygen flow, has anti-aging properties and prevents cancer.

Activates the cell and Improves Metabolism
The increase of negative ion in the body speeds up the cell’s role of taking nutrient and discharging waste from the body. This enhances metabolism and improves cell functions rapidly.

Purifies Blood and Balances blood pH
Far Infrared changes blood pH from acidic to alkaline. Increase in negative ion in the body, increases potassium and calcium content in the blood making it slightly alkaline. This helps to purify the blood, improve skin texture, prevent arteriosclerosis, improve joint pain, increase calcium and regulate hyper uric acid.

Balance the Autonomic Nervous System
Autonomic nerves control all organs, glands, blood vessels and other organs that do not need conscious control (reflex reactions). Negative Ion is especially helpful in assisting imbalance of autonomic nerve, thereby balancing hormonal production.

Regulate Body Temperature
The unique structure of the FAMILY MINI MAT mat helps to increase elasticity of blood vessels, an important factor in controlling body temperature.

We are about to face a Humid season ahead and winter season is also around the corner. So, we must be prepared in the advance and give our body the strength and required immunity to our body by the use of FAMILY MINI MAT.

Special Features of FAMILY MINI MAT

  • Stomach – Place the FAMILY MINI MAT mat over the stomach area to get relieved from pain.
  • Muscles and Bone joints - Place the FAMILY MINI MAT mat over bone joints or lie over the mat with the concerned are positioned over it to relieve arthritis and over muscle areas to remove pain.
  • Seating Position - Seating over the mat addresses the problems of hemorrhoids, prostate and myoma.
  • Upper and Lower Back Pains – Lying on the Family mini mat bed will relive aged joint pains
  • FAMILY MINI MAT is here with all its benefits of TOURMA

 Generally, positioning a painful area over the mat will relieve it from pain and promote good blood circulation.