Bio Waves

As we start a New Year, I want to thank our BIOHEAL family for your contributions. Collectively, your efforts touched the lives of thousands of people and their families throughout the year.

As I look ahead, we have a very exciting year on the horizon. I seek your continued support and participation in all initiatives at BIOHEAL improving customer satisfaction, center engagement, and opening of new BIOHEAL centers and continuing to sustain existing and develop new areas. Improving the health of our society by providing exceptional care requires dedication and commitment from everyone.

Looking back at the pace with which BIOHEAL has permeated our society over past few years, has been possible with the able guidance and vision given to us by our Honorable R&D team of BIOHEAL group, As we stand on the threshold of New Year, I take this opportunity to present that message to you anew.

Bioheal was founded on a simple philosophy: Health & Happiness of whole mankind. As people centered company, we strongly believe in encouraging the creativity and unlimited potential of people. Accordingly, Bioheal embodies dedicated people with a spirit of service and passion of work.

BIOHEAL provides a wide variety of highly competitive products, utilizing original development and technological capabilities & an un-paralleled service system. These factors have propelled us to be leaders in healthcare marketplace. In future we are determined to keep ahead of industry developments by designing technologies for next generation and beyond. Furthermore we will continue to provide our customers with the value they expect by producing original technology and the highest quality products.

We firmly believe that our future is built on a foundation of trust. It is essential that we have responsibility to fulfill our goal of health and happiness for all.

As you can see, this message clearly shows our stand of BIOHEAL HEALTH CARE for the future, with regards to both those within as well as outside the company. I request that all of you act within with sufficient understanding, which is itself based upon the policy of Customer Satisfaction that has been fundamental policy of BIOHEAL Group since its foundation. And finally, with best wishes for the good health and happiness of you & your family, I hope that 2016 will be a year of even greater accomplishment for the BIOHEAL Group and its family members.

Thanks & Regards


Bio Waves

After seeing all this, we thought that we should do something for people & for their good health. With this thought, we started working with our researchers and made equipments with a special material which is known as "TOURMA". By using "Many therapeutic stone and minerals" as the main component the R&D team of the company made some extraordinary line of products. The members of Bioheal family are dedicated to serve the people and to make the society disease free and healthy. We are promising to people around the all over India to provide highest quality services to the customer and sincerely understanding or realizing their emotions.

Now we have come to India to spread health & happiness together....... yes we can do it...

Thanks & Regards


Introduction of team

Now Bio Heal has launched in India with healthy India mission in mind and with great energy and Passion under the leadership of Mr. Mukul Yadav, Mr. Neeraj Rajawat, Dr. Alok Gupta, and Dr. Deepa Gupta. our team work with great charisma and has a mission to give India world class Healthcare products and serve people here. they has set up Bioheal in most part of the world successfully and company's mission has got new heights under his professional guidance. there precious treasure of experience and knowledge will definitely add on to the growth of our country as one of the biggest economic power. they are is very kind hearted and has dream of HEALTHY & HAPPY INDIA.